International Accountant Day
On November 10, 1494, Pacoli published his work "Everything About Arithmetic, Geometry, Proportion, and Proportionality." The book is a description of the practices of Venetian merchants how they keep their accounts. Luca Pachioli also formulated the basic accounting principles that are still in use today.

Day of freedom of speech in Bulgaria
Day of freedom of speech in Bulgaria was proclaimed on November 10, 2003, during a ceremony of the annual awards for journalism, "Chernorizetz Hrabur" by the Union of Publishers in Bulgaria.

World Children's Day
World Children's Day each year is noted in the UN's call in different countries at different days (by decision of the government). Day takes note of the Declaration on the Rights of the Child (20 November 1959 from 14 th session of the UN General Assembly) and the Convention on the Rights of the Child (20 November 1989 44 th Session of the UN General Assembly) .

Kozloduy NPP started in 1977
On 11/29/1977 Kozloduy started working

In 1972 Bulgaria is listed as the 18th country in the space register of the UN.
In 1972, with the space launch of Bulgarian equipment in the Soviet satellite "Intercosmos 8" Bulgaria is listed as the 18th country in the space register of the UN.

St. Nicholas
St. Nicholas is the Orthodox feast of St. Nicholas Mirlikiyski - patron saint of sailors, travelers and bankers. St. Nicholas was born in the city of Patras. According to legend he was the man who noticed throwing bags of gold into the house of an impoverished father and he married her three daughters. Attributed to him many miracles, deliverance sailors and sea travelers from water elements. He died in 342 in the town of Mir. In 1099 the relics of St. Nicholas were taken to Bari, Italy, where they are now.

The Day of the Bulgarian studentship
The beginning of this holiday is closely related to the first in 1920 and only university in Bulgaria - Sofia University. University birthdate is October 1, 1888 was established at the initiative of Svishtov and Emmanuel Shishmanov Ivan Ivanov as Higher Educational Course in Classical School of History and Philology Department. By law from January 1, 1889 the rate becomes higher school with additional units (faculties). Since the beginning of the twentieth century, it is allowed to follow and girls. In paragraph 25 of the General Regulations of the university from 1905 states: "On November 25 (December 8), the day of St. Kliment Ohridski University and celebration, it is a solemn performance of the new president (one-year term was - bel.avt. ). Rector old statement read to the course of the University, and says the new academic speech. " This is the official start of December 8. It is associated primarily with the development of science and culture. By 1919 the celebration of the event is peaceful, moral and cultural. In recent years, December 8 gradually regains its original charm and unique student celebration.

Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve

Christmas Day
Christmas Day

In 1947 is closed Sofia Stock Exchange and is transformed into a department of the Bulgarian National Bank.
In 1947 is closed Sofia Stock Exchange and is transformed into a department of the Bulgarian National Bank. The activity of the stock market in Bulgaria is halted until 8 April 1992 when the Sofia Stock Exchange (now the SFB "Capital Market" AD) organized the first public trading session in the new economic history of Bulgaria.

St. Stephan Feast
On December 27, the Bulgarian orthodox church celebrates the day of St. Stephan. He is the first Christian protomartyr and archdeacon of the Jerusalem municipality a church, which attracted people of all social circles, who joined it and donated their properties to it. The Judeans became envious of the well-run municipality, and decided to incite the crowds against the archdeacon, telling them he abused God and the Moses law. The angry crowd took St. Stephen out of town and started throwing stones at him. The saint kneeled, and shortly before he breathed his last, turned to heaven with the words: Lord Jesus, receive my spirit. O Lord, lay not this sin to their charge." His body was left to be eaten by the beasts and birds. People say the Virgin Mary watched the martyrs death and prayed for his soul. n V century, a part of his relics were discovered through prophecy and placed in Jerusalem. According to traditional beliefs, the day of St. Stephen is the third day of Christmas and the last feast for the year. On this day, the circle of the old year closes. The family gathers around the table, on which meat dishes are served. On this day, everyone called Stephen, Stephena, Stefka, Stoyan, Stoyanka, Stanka, Stoycho, Stoimen, Stoichko, Tzonyo, Zapryan, Tzonka, celebrate their name day.

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year! With very best wishes for health and joint successes in the New Year!