BIC Capital Market Ltd.

BIC Capital Market Ltd. was established in 1995 and is a limited liabilities company affiliate of the Bulgarian Industrial Association. Our company is specialized in the area of business information and economic researches, vocational training, consultancy in the field of management and investment.

Bulgarian Enterprises Information System (BEIS)
BIC Capital Market Ltd. is Bulgaria’s leading online-provider of corporate information, providing as a third trusted party standartized information about Bulgarian companies as well as additional research and analyses on the level of industrial branches or a specific company. BEIS gives access to information about more than 35 000 leading Bulgarian companies. The information is updated on a daily basis, using official sources, as well as information provided by the companies themselves. It is available to subscribers both in Bulgarian and English language and can be accessed from any part of the world, 24-hours a day. The information contains the following data about each company: full contact details, management and related persons; major shareholders and partners; financial data and indicators; summarized stock exchange information; full list of official and non-official media publications. BEIS enjoys the trust of its clients – local and foreign investors, media, investment banks, financial intermediaries and consultants.

Bulgarian Industry reports and sector analysis
BIC Capital Market Ltd. offers analyses of all sectors of the Bulgarian industry made upon clients’ request Sector analyses are prepared on a quarterly and annual basis and contain information about the main trends of development in the respective industrial sector, sales, production, import, export, as well as information about major producers, exporters/importers, key foreign and domestic markets for the respective sector.

Electronic issue Business Industry Capital
Business Industry Capital is the daily electronic issue of the Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA). Its subscribers receive daily review of the Bulgarian business press, economic indicators, stock exchange quotes, up-to-date information about the privatization processes in Bulgaria, full information about BIA’s initiatives. The issue is disseminated via e-mail, both in Bulgarian and English language, to over 18000 Bulgarian companies, government and municipal institution, non-government organizations in Bulgaria, as well as to over 3800 foreign subscribers – commercial representations investment companies and analysts, media.

REFA-training and consultancy
The REFA basic course is on the topic “Organization and company management and optimization of the production processes”. The successful graduates of the course are awarded REFA certificates, which substantially raise their competitiveness and may be used as a reference in their work with their German partners. The course is suitable for managers and leading specialists in the field of corporate organization and management, occupied in all spheres of the economy.
BIC Capital Market Ltd. also offers consultancy using the REFA methodology.

Business consultancy, services and financing of investment projects
Our company offers bank credit rationales, business-plans and strategies. We help our clients attract foreign capitals for direct shareholding and long-term financing of projects.

BIC Capital Market Ltd. was established in 1995 as a subsidiary of Sofia Stock Exchange (now SFB Capital Market).
Up to 1998, BIC Capital Market Ltd. publishes the monthly magazine "Capital Market" which supports the investors in Bulgaria and provides current information and advice.
More than 250 people have completed the educational courses for securities brokers-dealers, which are designed and organized by the company by year 1998. Prominent academicians, practitioners and policy-makers in the field of the capital markets hold lectures at these courses. The company provides assistance to Bulgarian colleges and universities in designing and implementation of their educational programs in the field of capital markets and securities industry.