Four public companies managed to accumulate over BGN 56 million by increasing their capital through issuing... more
 With regard to the provisions of Art. 8, paragraph 1, item 1 of Ordinance #16 of FSC, on 24.07.2019 no... more
 CCB Real Estate Fund REIT-Sofia (5CK) The General Meeting of Shareholders of CCB Real Estate Fund REIT dated... more
 Revenues from BTV Media Group rose in the second quarter. Group earnings continue to grow at enormous rates.... more
 Stara Planina Hold AD-Sofia (5SR) Stara Planina Hold AD hereby announces current financial results (on... more
 Fund Manager of Financial Instruments in Bulgaria Selects Third Fund Manager for Start-up Investments Two... more
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24.07: Alpha Bulgaria JSC - Sofia
24.07: Bulgarian management and marketing Company JSC - Berkovitza
24.07: General Project Varna JSC - Varna
24.07: Industrial and Logistik Park-Burgas JSC - Bourgas
24.07: Irisi SPJSC - Varna
24.07: Konsulthidro SPJSC - Sofia
24.07: Paccor Bulgaria JSC - Sofia
24.07: Satbi group JSC - Sofia
24.07: Sofiaplast - 96 JSC - Sofia
24.07: Tora invest JSC - Haskovo

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  29.07: Training of trainers under the REFA-Germany program (29.07-17.09.2019)
04.09: 45 years - Bulgarian nuclear energetics
06.09: September 6 - Official Holiday of Bulgaria
13.09: Programmer's day
15.09: 20 years since the first issue of Business Industry Capital
17.09: Official Celebration of the town Sofia
22.09: The Independence Day (Bulgarian National Holiday)
24.09: 6 years since the official launch of MyCompetence
25.09: 29 years membership of Bulgaria in the World Bank and IMF
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 Europa VN SPLTD - Sofia
 Angel Stoilov 96 JSC - Plovdiv
 Pesticide SPLTD - Kostinbrod
 Rollplast SPLTD - Sofia
 Tech CO LTD - Sofia
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 Rojen 1 LTD - Plovdiv
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