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Bitumina GmbH Bulgaria SPLTD - Sofia


Sofia, 1000
bul. Simeonovsko shose No 110B, ap. 5
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Company Figures

BULSTAT: 204053454
Capital (BGN): 5 000

Branch: Construction of highways, roads, airfields and sport facilities
Registered Actitity: Exploration, design, engineering services, construction, restoration and repair of infrastructure sites in the country and abroad waste and waste water disposal, collection and transportation of other waste, production of various products of synthetic materials, recycling of metals and metal waste, recycling of raw materials, treatment of waste sewage and waste water treatment products, waste collection and disposal services, hazardous waste collection and disposal services, disposal, incineration and other solid and liquid waste disposal methods, treatment and recycling of safe waste, other conditions of public hygiene, sanitation of old waste and unregulated landfills, warehousing, wholesale of raw materials, construction and operation of facilities for the treatment and treatment of solid and liquid waste (including co Recycling, development and treatment facilities, cleanliness - garbage collection, separate waste collection, garbage collection, street washing and sweeping, winter maintenance, landscaping, landfill maintenance, secondary raw materials trading, waste treatment and utilization, ecology project development , cleaning and maintenance of parks and gardens, green areas and playgrounds, landscaping and planting, production of compost and other organic soils, consultancy, alternative forest production facilities willow, composting facilities, chemical-physical facilities), entrepreneurial activity - purchase and sale of real estate, production of construction products and semi-finished products, production of construction materials, mortars, metal products, reinforced concrete elements, joinery, etc., construction and technological specialized mechanization services, transport and forwarding services, domestic and foreign trade activities, etc. activities not prohibited by law.

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