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Stroyrent SPLTD - Sofia


Sofia, 1517
bul. Botevgradsko shose 273
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Company Figures

BULSTAT: 131550089
Capital (BGN): 5 900 000

Branch: Wholesale of construction machinery
Licences & Certificates:  Certificate ISO 14001 Certificate ISO 9001
Registered Actitity: trade and rent of construction equipment, import, export, production and trade with any kind of stock and services not under any license regime, trade representation and mediation, transport, construction and shipping operations, constancy, advertisement, hotel and restaurant business and any activity not forbidden by law.

05.07.2007: Stroyrent SPLTD offers construction equipment and mechanization...
22.06.2007: Scandinavian company Stroyrent said it will invest EUR 10 mln in...
17.11.2006: Sofia City Court registered Stroyrent SPLTD Sofia, main office...
19.07.2006: Property developer Delta Imoti said it is building a gated...
02.06.2006: Business ideas of Asko Pouk. Estonian investments in...

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